Different style and types of chair for home

  • Sep 20, 2022
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I am absolutely in love with chairs. My go-to is a club chair. I am always excited about them. As I do possess it in my home and let me tell you all, it is amazing.

These days, there is a lot of new variety of chairs and it gets tough to select which one you need for your home. Also, all of the designs and styles of the chair touch your heart and you feel like buying all of them but it is not exactly possible.

So, I decided to do some research and got to know about dozens of different types and designs of beautiful chairs.

Well, to make things easy peasy, I’ll share with you some styles of chairs that you can buy for your home and make your Living room, lounge area, bedroom, or even guest room sophisticated and elegant for the viewers.

Let’s jump right into it. But before doing that, you need to take into consideration of the size, shape, color, comfort level, usage, and upholstery that you require before you make the deal. Pay extra attention to the comfort level and the color of the chair because if you ignore these details it is going to cost you in the long run and will not exactly look suitable or go with your room's interior.

Okay, so we had our precautions, right? Let’s do it then!

Types Of Chairs


Arm Chair

The Armchair has a French origin and the term is called ‘fauteuil.’ This type of chair appears to have various designs, upholstery, and shapes as well. It covers various types of chairs that have different uses. The types are mentioned below:

·         Wingback chairs – features a high back that covers the seat for extra comfort. Best if you love reading or having your cup of tea.

·         Club chairs – leather envelopes the deep seats. Used in clubs as the name says and it can be used in the living area too.

·         Bergère chairs – the armrest and leg of these chairs have extra wood on them. You can modify it too by adding cushioning on armrests. Put in a royalty touch by bringing these to your home.


Recliners possess a lap of luxury to them. You can raise your feet and legs and lean back comfortably to relax for a while. This type of chair has numerous variants coming in various styles, fabrics, leather, and color. They are your go-to for the living area or you can also put the recliner in your bedroom corner near the window to relax your mind from the life hustle.

Bar Stool

Bar stools are not only related to the bar. They are also normally used in the kitchen area at the islands. Do not just buy any random stool, my friends. Do some research and have a look at different materials and designs before making the purchase. Because bar stools can elevate the décor of the home.

Accent Chair

These types of chairs are present in the living room of the house. An accent chair is an umbrella term and various types of chairs come under it such as Lawson, barrel, slipper chair, chesterfield chair, etc.

Dining Room Chair

If you have guests coming over frequently and you’re the person who hosts family gatherings often then you must put some thought into when you buy dining room chairs for your home. The dining room is considered to be a significant part of the house. The thing is you can have both the dining room and drawing room together or an open dining room with the living area if you want. Additionally, the décor of the dining room must synchronize with the whole room's interior. The primary focus of the dining room is the chairs and the table so make sure they are of a sleek design.

Office Chair

If you do your work from the comfort of your home then you must find yourself a table and a chair to build your home office. There is various type of chairs from which you can choose to buy what you want. But the safest options are the Executive chairs as they suit best if you are someone who is a workaholic. They will not make you have back pains when you get up after several hours of doing work.

Garden Chair

It is easy to choose furniture for the garden as compared to the other furniture items because then you will not have to worry about the design, themes, décor, etc. If you are a person who loves to wake up early and want to get that cool morning breeze or read newspapers then you most definitely want to enjoy your morning comfortably by sitting on the chair that suits you. You can also relax and watch a sunset with the elders of your home. 

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